Kayaker exercise that provides pain relief from carpal tunnel and tendinitis/tendonitis

My wrists were feeling a little achy this evening after my home workout so I reached into my “stuff” drawer for an old exerciser that I bought years ago.

As I think more and more about what I’ve used in my kayak and weight training over the years, more and more things come to mind.

Like this little DynaFlex gyro device.


The DynaFlex Gyro Hand Exerciser can be a very useful training tool to help alleviate pain over time from excessive computer and mouse usage, lifting weights in the gym, and repetitive arm/wrist motion patterns like kayak paddling.

I’m guilty of all three (even more so now due to COVID-19 and being on the computer all day, every day) so sometimes my hands and wrists get to the point where I feel like I have claws instead of hands because the tendons in my wrists become so tight and sore.

This little device can help alleviate wrist pain while also improving grip strength and it is rather fun to use.

Check it out on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2R88KWi

There are other devices very similar to it so look around and compare, but I can attest that this one works well and it has lasted me years.



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