Once again paddling the entire length of the Rivanna River from Charlottesville, VA to Columbia Landing on the James River

Paddling Buddy Dave and I once again paddled the full length of the S. Rivanna River yesterday to commemorate what would have been the weekend of our local river race, which obviously was canceled due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Actual mileage: 46.04 paddling miles, included a little bit of upstream at the start to get settled and a little extra at the James to paddle upstream to hit the boat ramp.

Average moving Speed: 7.1mph

Fastest mile: 8.4mph

Moving time: 7:08:47

Boats: Me – Nelo 510 plasic surfski; Paddling Buddy Dave – Epix 18x kayak

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Check out the plans to my DIY kayak ergometer.



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