Surfski How to Fix Imbalances in your Paddling Stroke

I recently discovered this gem of a video on Youtube.

I’ve used mounted cameras on my boats to identify such imbalances, but I’ve found it incredibly difficult to fix these imbalances. I get most of my power from the stroke on my right side and am much weaker on my left side.

I was also able once to judge this under perfect conditions when the wind was just right for me to hear it in my ears as I paddled. From the pitch of the wind in my ears alone I was able to discern I was going slightly faster when I paddled on my right side.

I’m also toying with the idea of mounting a cheap anemometer just in front of my cockpit to more objectively quantify this effect. It will be a little more scientific than judging the pitch of the wind past my ears, but at least that gave me an insight that was very valid.


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