Paddle Pogies

As I start preparing for winter training on the water, I thought it was time to invest in some paddling pogies to keep my hands warm on the water.

I found these little gems for almost nothing so I bought them to give them a try.

I placed a couple test orders from this company to make sure they are legit before I enter into a relationship with them where I’ll get to test, review and bring some of their products to you at a discount, but no, these are not one of those products. I bought these with my own money to test how the company operates to make sure I am comfortable with them before I can recommend them to you.

So far so good. I’m really impressed with the quality and just how fuzzy and comfy these paddle pogies are inside. Neoprene on the outside, fuzzy, soft cotton on the inside.

Check them out on Banggood:


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