Back to Kayak Training and Getting Ready for Racing Season

The weather and water were finally warm enough this past Saturday for Paddling Buddy Dave and I to paddle some 14+ miles at more of a workout pace than we’ve been doing, with deference to risky temperatures prior.

Stats captured by my Amazfit Stratos Smartwatch

When we got to the usual hole where we normally turnaround so we don’t scrape bottom, I decided the water was high enough and the weather warm enough to take a little risk and, after surfing an eddy for a bit, paddle up through some rapids that we’ve never before done in composite boats and then turn around a bit upstream in current to test my skills.

Upon reflection, I was amazed at what I can now do in one of these long, skinny boats that I didn’t have the skills (or nerve!) to do just a few years ago.

We captured two different views to document the event.


See you on April 24 at the Little D on the Monocacy race.


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