Thank you! | 1,000 Subscribers on my YouTube channel

This weekend was momentous in the history of this site and this little social media endeavor.

I paddled some 25 training miles this weekend, brought out the Stellar SEL surfski (today) for the first time this year because the water was warm enough that an unplanned flip would not have been life-threatening, and….my Youtube channel reached 1,000 subscribers.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

As long as you keep reading and watching I’ll keep creating content.

I hope avid paddlers don’t think I’m selling out by doing product reviews on my Youtube channel, but from the very start I wanted to write about all things related to kayaking, health and fitness and how kayaking fits into a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve discovered along the way that there are some companies out there that value fair and honest reviews from somebody who is into health and fitness and those companies have reached out to me to provide many of the products I review. By happenstance, none of those companies has been in the kayak or kayaking community in any way, so I’m doing what I have to do to offset my costs for domain names, website hosting, batteries, cameras and gas to get to kayaking events that almost always benefit a charitable cause.

So now at least you know when I talk about any kayak or surfski or paddle or any other kayaking gear, it not only is honest, but it is unbiased in any way.

I’m happy to share my love for the sport of paddling and as long as I’m not losing money I will continue.

Drop a comment on this post to tell me what you’d like me to do or review. I’m at a point now where I might be able to bring in some top experts for interviews, guest blog posts, etc.

Again, Thank you for your support!


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