The First West Side Boat Shop Demo Day with Vinnie Tortorich

First off, let’s take a somber moment to remember all those who gave their lives defending our country and ensuring we can live under freedom and independence. Freedom isn’t free and it is a rare person who is willing to lay down their own life for others. I thank God for these people in my prayers every day.

So on this Memorial Day, I had a gentleman come to town to test paddle the West Side Boat Shop Delta kayak. He is aging up in the sport and found his West Side Boast Shop Dart kayak to be just a little tippier now that he doesn’t quite have the balance skills he used to have, as he regularly paddles miles upriver and then turns around and goes back downriver on the Shenandoah River.

While corresponding with him in the weeks and months prior, I thought the West Side Boat Shop Delta kayak would hit the sweet spot for him.

So we arranged to meet at my local boat ramp for a demo paddle today and I was also joined by my friend, mentor, and well-known ultra athlete and health & fitness podcaster, Vinnie Tortorich.

Richard paddled the Delta and immediately fell in love with it and put down a deposit on a new boat. We negotiated for about 2 seconds and I agreed to take his Dart in as a trade-in.

After he left, Vinnie and I had some fun with the Delta and EFT/Sleek kayaks. (This is the first time Vinnie has been in a West Side Boat Shop kayak, and he got to paddle two of them today.)

I’ll let the video do the talking as Vinnie was generous with his initial impressions.

All-in-all it was a great day on the water with two awesome paddlers.

It was a reminder to me as to why I chose to keep this great tradition in American-designed, American-built kayaks going.


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