How Bad Is Red Meat For You?

Read the article but spoiler alert, the case against unprocessed red meat, according to this new study, is weak.

“For example, evidence for a connection between eating a lot of unprocessed red meat and having a stroke was given just one star, meaning there was ‘no evidence of an association’, the study said.

The links between red meat and colon cancer, breast cancer, ischaemic heart disease and diabetes were all given two stars.

Christopher Murray, IHME director and a senior author of several of the ‘Burden of Proof’ studies published in the journal Nature Medicine, said he was ‘very surprised at how many of the diet risk-outcome relationships are relatively weak.’ “

In my humble opinion, it is very hard to beat red meat and eggs for nutrients the body needs to remain healthy. Limit the carbs (especially processed,) limit added sugars, avoid grains and give your body the protein and healthy fats that nature intended. Our brain matter and cell membranes require cholesterol. If we don’t get enough through our diet then our bodies will actually produce their own.

Just don’t be both high carb and high fat in your eating habits. That is the true recipe for disaster.

I personally feel that processed foods, carbohydrates, sugars, seed oils and excessive grains in almost everything in the modern American diet are the cause of our obesity epidemic. Eat natural. Unprocessed meats and natural carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits and berries will likely provide all the nutrients your body needs for you to be healthier than your peers.

Just say “no” to that starch option in your next meal…and all your future meals.

Starch = sugar and you can get all the sugar you need from fruits and vegetables.


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