Monday night workout

I was back at my local Gold’s Gym after work today and focused on “push” and leg movements since I did a lot of paddling over the weekend and my last workout focused on “pull” movements with the upper back and lats.

It felt good to be back in the squat rack and also hit my calves with some much-needed calf raises using the trap bar–two bits of equipment my neighborhood fitness center and basement gym lack.

The Atlas Wearables Atlas Wristband 2 is turning out to be a very useful training partner.  I only hope they soon make exporting data a possibility so I can track my progress over time via a spreadsheet.

The “heat map” of tonight’s workout

When I got home I made a grain-free, sugar-free pizza and topped it with chicken and buffalo sauce.  This has become one of my favorite meals.

4-3-17cMy grain-free, sugar-free Buffalo Chicken “Fat Head” pizza in the oven.  Yummy and way better than a protein shake!


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