Gym training winding down

I had my last big workout in the gym this morning (and it wasn’t even all that big,) so now I start two weeks of de-loading prior to the big race.

I also had a deep tissue message this afternoon and the borderline pain felt so good.

The muscles needed it.


I’ll still hit the gym next week but I will go light and not risk any chance of injury or agitation whatsoever and then the week of June 18 I think I will not do much other than bike rides and drink plenty of water.

I plan on paddling 20 or so miles tomorrow and will try to get in 10-14 miles at least 4 times in the next two weeks to lay down some more base miles.

Oh, and a big vacation in July so I feel like I’m a bodybuilder in contest preparation mode, except I’m trying to cut and look good for wifey for our 20th anniversary.

I might just let loose at the end of July.

Stay tuned.



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