Low carb diet reversing Type II Diabetes?

This nurse seems to thing so.


“If we look back at the drive over the past 20 or more years to reduce fats significantly from our diets in the western world, do we see a leaner and healthier population? No, with the reduction of fats and increase in intake of carbohydrate foods, our waistlines have increased and there has been a huge increase in numbers diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and obesity. It is surely not by chance, that all this has happened during the same time period.”




  1. Thanks, John. Glad it is working for you. If I never get another comment on this blog I can still say it was worth my time because it helped at least 1 person. See you on the rivers in 2018!


  2. Dave, There is a book that documents the sugar/diabetes connection you have been talking about. “The case against sugar” by Gary Traubes. After the James River Rundown you mentioned not eating sugar or grains and using fat for fuel. Based on your posts I borrowed the book from the library and and am now convinced you were right. The last can of soda I consumed was June 25 after the rundown and I don’t miss it one bit. Thanks!

    I enjoy your blog, thank you for taking the time to write it.

    John McCue


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