Rockin’ the Rivanna


This past Saturday I participated in Rockin’ The Rivanna, part of a larger, full-day festival on my local Rivanna River that included a 5K running event, a river safety demonstration, river parade, and an arts festival all along the river banks from Darden Towe Park to Riverview Park.

I participated in the paddling portion as I saw it a way to get on the water and log a few miles, even though the water levels have been very low for weeks now.

My initial plan was to paddle slowly and bring up the rear of the 15 or so boats that had assembled at the launch site and I had brought my slowest boat (my Necky Jive whitewater boat.)  Soon after we started I realized I am not hard-wired to paddle slowly or even just float and I also realized if I stayed at the back of the pack I might be on the water all day, so I soon started paddling at a brisk pace to get in a workout.

I stopped at a couple art exhibits along the way and also stopped at the one or two remaining play spots to surf a little bit, although at such low water levels there wasn’t much to surf.

Upon arrival at Riverview Park I found several exhibits and painters painting along the river.

It was a very enjoyable morning and I hope the event continues next year.

Soon after that I headed to the mountains and hiked up to Humpback Rocks at the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

A complete upper and lower body workout in the great outdoors on a perfect day!

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