Completed indoor kayak ergometer for sale


I currently have 1 completed kayaking ergometer for sale.  I’m willing to let it go for $400.  You must pick it up as I will not ship it.

Mid-Atlantic, US.  I’m willing to meet you within a reasonable driving distance.



  1. Carlos, thank you for the comment. The instructions are in the form of a video which is spoken in English and all measurements are done in Imperial units. That said, within a few weeks I hope to have another set of plans in Metric along with a list of alternate parts, not from a Nordic Track skier. But the video plans are all I have right now.


  2. Hello, I’m a Brazilian athlete. I would love to be able to build one of these for me, but I have doubts about the materials if I will find them in Brazil?
    I also have doubts about the translations so that they are as close as possible to the original and so I can easily count on my kayak too. Do you think I can do it without any problem?
    the plants are all in english would you be able to send a translation now?
    I await your return as soon as possible thank you


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