Training update, And a request to sponsor me to raise money for the American Cancer Society


I’ve been out of town for work the past two weeks so my paddling time has taken a hit.

After flying back from China yesterday (some 14+ hours flight time) and finally arriving home from the airport at 3:45am this morning, I was ready to get out on the water after sleeping in very late today. Jet lag is real.

Upon arrival last night/this morning, I found the brand new, small, full-carbon wing paddle I ordered several weeks ago waiting for me so I was eager to get out in my new boat with my new paddle. As I’m getting older, I realize the need to train with smaller blades so my shoulders don’t get hammered when I’m not racing.

newwing6-1-19My new full carbon wing paddle

I got out on the water this evening in the Stellar SEL for a 10-mile sunset paddle.

It was a perfect evening.

By my 5-mile turnaround point, I was comfortable enough to open the self-bailor by hand and even grab a drink from my water bottle and return it to the drink holder bungee. That might not sound like a big deal to you, but trust me it was a giant leap forward in confidence for me.

By the end of the workout I was feeling pretty rock solid in the boat.

The Stellar SEL is truly a beautiful craft.

I’m feeling so confident in the SEL already that I think I’ll be ready to race her this year, so I signed up for the Pittsburgh Paddlesport Championship in Pittsburgh, PA on August 4. I might decide to race something different on race day, but as of this evening my confidence has grown so much in the SEL (only my third day paddling her) that I felt confident enough to sign up for the race and presume I’ll be taking her with me on race day.

This event is a benefit for the American Cancer Society and last year, you, my loyal and valued readers helped me raise $551 for ACS.

I humbly ask you once again to sponsor me/donate on my behalf if you find it in your heart to do so.

My sister is a cancer survivor and I’m dedicating this race to her, once again.

If I can use this tiny little blog for good, it is for events and charities like this.

I’d also like to give a shout out to Hansel Lucas and Performance Kayak for once again organizing this year’s race. I think it is wonderful he and they organize races like this to raise money for worthy charities.

These charity events and fundraisers are the races I most love to attend and support.


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