Training for the Pittsburgh Paddlesport Championships at the EQT Three Rivers Regatta in my Stellar SEL surfski


I made it onto the water after work today and, despite the weather forecast, laid down 11.5 more training miles in the Stellar SEL with only a few raindrops as I launched.  It was another great evening on the water as the sun set. The outing brings me to a little under 39 total miles paddled in the Stellar SEL.

I’m feeling fairly comfortable in the boat and even dealt with a little chop and small waves from the side at the end of the paddle, but I still have not quite achieved a sub-10 minute mile.

But at least I have not gone for a swim with her yet.

I think my initial assessment was correct that if I can paddle 100 training miles in this boat before the next race I might have enough confidence to race her and keep her upright.

To that end, my target is the Pittsburgh Paddlesport Championships in Pittsburgh, PA on August 4, part of the EQT Three Rivers Regatta.

And a thought hit me while I was out on the water this evening as I contemplated how to raise money for the American Cancer Society during this charity event.

If you purchase the video plans and parts list for my kayak ergometer which shows you how to convert an old Nordic Track ski machine to an indoor paddle trainer between now and August 1, 2019, I’ll donate 50% of your purchase to the American Cancer Society.

If you’d prefer to just make a straight donation to the American Cancer Society in a show of support for me in this race, then please click here to go directly to my fundraising page.  100% of that money goes to ACS.

I’m excited to return to this race and am happy to bring you along with me on my journey as I attempt to paddle a very tippy boat in a race with minimal training time.

You know there will be video, just like last year.

Thank you, as always, for your support!

20190605_192719This is a truly amazing surfski and it is fun going up the learning curve with her




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