I switched up my training this weekend

The weather in Central, VA was rainy and depressing all day today so I headed to the gym instead of paddling any training miles.

Atlas6-9-19A reasonably heavy gym workout today

And yesterday I took a break from traditional training and hit my local river with my daughter with the two Bellyak prone kayaks on loan to me from Adam Masters at Bellyak.

Adam was 100% correct when he told me these things can take a familiar river and allow you to re-imagine or rediscover it.

We put in our local river just above a popular play spot and thought we would then continue two miles downriver.

We did the two miles, but not before we spent 45 minutes playing in that opening rapid and then when we finished the two miles, we put in again at the same spot and played in the same rapid for an additional hour.

The boats are really cool and genuinely let you take a rapid that has become almost boring and turn it into a new experience again.  Surfing waves that close to the water is exciting and the webbed gloves allow for total control over the craft.


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I was glad our first river experience with the Bellyaks was so positive and was especially thankful to have some bonding time with my daughter.  She had fun, I had fun, and we both agreed we need to do it again soon.

Update 6/12/19: Bellyak is offering a 10% discount to my followers.  Promo Code “DAVETHEKAYAKER” should be active on their website very soon.  Apply it for your discount.



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