Some more training in the Stellar SEL


I got out on the water yesterday and logged some 12.6 more miles with her, bringing my total mileage in this boat to just under 46.

This was my greatest test with her so far because it was windy with slight chop and waves on the second half of the trip and I encountered a few boat wakes from the local rowing team’s coaches’ boats.

I was very shaky for the first mile and then settled in and felt relatively stable and comfortable.  I was able to grab the water bottle several times and return it to the drink holder bungee, so that is another sign that I’m gaining confidence with the boat.

I have not yet taken a swim in the boat and I feel like yesterday should have been the day if it was going to happen on flat water.

Check out my original review along with some updated notes from July 17, 2019.

I also got word that Vinnie Tortorich’s documentary, “FAT” is available for pre-order on iTunes.  Please go purchase it.  I believe it will be a revolutionary movie regarding diet and health.




  1. It is definitely tippier and requires greater skill. I think I can get the SEL up-to-speed much quicker and it seems easier to maintain 6mph on flat water. I need to get a little more comfortable before any GPS comparisons are meaningful. I feel rock solid in the Thunderbolt-X. This boat, not so much.


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