Two Westside Boat Shop Boats Got to Play Together Today

Paddling Buddy Dave just picked up a WSBS X-Par Missile Kayak so I met up with him in my Thunderbolt-X kayak to paddle some training miles together.

These boats are amazing and I think Dave is starting to figure out why I love these boats so much.



  1. Wow. That is not an easy dilemma. I had the Looksha 4 in plastic and loved that boat. It just naturally found the fastest way through the water on any stream or river and all I had to do was paddle. Both are wonderful boats and it is really going to come down to your personal choice. I think the Looksha is more stable with the hard chines so if you favor stability keep it. If you favor speed keep the EFT. And give me first shot at the Looksha if you decide to sell it. 🙂


  2. Hello Dave,
    Wanted your opinion on which boat to keep.
    I like them both. Similar in length and width. The Looksha lll and the EFT.
    I’m 66, sore right shoulder, replaced right knee, and artist in my right hand.
    Question, which boat to keep.
    Carbon eft or kevlar/glass Looksha lll.


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