Why I hate canoes

There was some very aggressive paddling yesterday

My race recap from the Little D on the Monocacy race yesterday, April 24, 2021.

I always share my race videos and had already decided to do commentary in advance for this race to provide my firsthand experience and narrative.

The video speaks for itself, but after that little incident at the start of the race I felt I paddled well. It was a gorgeous day and until the last mile, I was no more than 10-15 seconds behind Paddling Buddy Dave and I was closing the gap slowly over miles #9-11.

After the last gate turn to paddle back up to the finish line that last mile, I knew I had to take a chance or two to try to find a slightly better line than Dave. I made some bad choices and ended up finishing 46 seconds behind Dave.

I raced in the unlimited division and was a full ten minutes behind a far superior paddler paddling a high-end surfski for a 2nd place finish, then Paddling Buddy Dave in the fast-touring kayak class then me, so I felt very good about an overall 3rd place finish for solo kayak paddlers.

The best part of the day was raising over $3,500 for the Gilchrist Pediatric Hospice. That was really what it was all about.

Until next time, Love the sport, Take what it gives you and Pay it forward TM.

This also just happened to be the first race I was testing a new bodycam.

Check it out on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3vp4DH8


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