Happy Holidays from West Side Boat Shop Kayaks and Dave The Kayaker

Tell me how you are doing in your winter training by leaving a comment on this post.

Please also checkout the catalog of West Side Boat Shop kayaks. The catalog will be updated soon and one of these boats will be officially retired in 2023 due to lack of orders.



  1. Dave, Wishing you & your family Merry Christmas & safe and healthy new year. Still getting out 2-3 times a week and living the Delta. I’m hoping my launch points don’t all freeze up with this upcoming drop in temp. The river should be good if it only lasts a few days. One trick I use with pogies is to put them on the dash of my truck and turn on the defrost on my drive to the water. That way when I get in they are already warm and I can paddle in really cold weather. Of course if the temps are only in 40’s -50’s I wouldn’t do that because it would be to warm on my hands. Best of luck with the business in 2023. If you ever need anyone to give a shout about how WSBS kayaks are superior quality and performance don’t hesitate to call me


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