Winding down the heavy training

It doesn’t seem like October was all that long ago, but that was when kayaking season ended and my in-the-gym, off-season began.

Now that the new season is just around the corner, I find myself absolutely crushing it in the gym, trying to get in as much volume and muscle mass gain as possible.

Another high-volume gym session for me tonight

In just another week or two I’ll shift my training and start getting ready for a new kayak racing season.  That means cutting as much fat as possible off my body to get to the best muscle-to-weight ratio I can achieve.  I’ll change my training to try maintain as much muscle as possible while getting as light as is reasonable.

In short, I’ll take 3-4 weeks to lean out and lighten up.

I live my life about 90-95% #NSNG (no sugars, no grains) most of the time, but during this month before the first race I have a tradition of going #NBNW (no beer, no wine) and also watching total calories, something that I don’t typically believe in.  During the off-season I try to lift heavy and consume just above maintenance calories but now will shift to lower weights and lower volume in the gym and eat at just below maintenance calories.

My first race will be April 29, when I jump right into it with a 19-mile race, “Little D on the Monocacy” in Frederick, MD to open my season.  This is a new race to me and I don’t have any idea what to expect.

Then the first and second Saturdays in May I’ll be at the Nelson Downriver Race and the Rivanna River Race, respectively.

I’ll be racing several other races, too, but the big event will be the James River Rundown.  I just got word that there is only a 50-mile and 120-mile option this year, so you know I have to go for 120.  Unfortunately, the 120-mile race requires an overnight stop in the middle of the race at the end of Day #1.  This will be new to me.  I’d much prefer paddling straight through and getting it done in one day.

So if you find yourself in Lynchburg, VA very early on June 24 or in Scottsville, VA that evening, let me know and we can meet up and share some stories.

Extra credit (a free hat) if you buy me a beer in Scottsville that night.  (I hope The Tavern On The James  sees this and offers us a couple of bar stools.)

My #NBNW will pretty much be done at that point, but I’ll still have to paddle 50 miles the next day, so nothing crazy.


James River Rundown 2016, my experience.


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