Lemfo LT02 Fitness Tracker Review

20180828_161806The Lemfo LT02 Fitness Tracker

Lemfo reached out to me and offered me a free device in exchange for a fair and honest review and that’s exactly what this is.

In my never-ending quest for the perfect fitness tracking device for kayaking, this device ranks highly in that it counts paddle strokes as steps.  Other than the Amiigo that I had to “train” to recognize paddle strokes, this is the first device I’ve had that actually counts paddle strokes as steps.

That’s a good thing.

Step counting seems accurate, sleep tracking is awesome and it can be set to automatically measure heart rate and automatically illuminate the display when you lift your wrist (I turn this latter feature off to prolong battery life.)

The band detaches and the device is charged directly on a USB port so no charging cable is included or required, which is a huge positive to me. One less thing to break or need to be replaced.

I ordered the black and green band and it also came with a spare grey/black one, which is very good to have a spare or switchable band.

The only downsides I see so far are the fact that sleep tracking can only take place during the hours of 10pm and 8am, so if you sleep outside of those hours or take naps, that sleep will not be tracked.  Also the device does not have built-in GPS.

But you probably don’t expect GPS in a device under $40, do you?

I like the looks of the tracker and it fits well on my wrist.

If you are on a budget or are looking for a basic tracker for steps, sleep and heart rate then I think this is a good option for you.

Readers of this blog get a special discount from Lemfo on this device.  Click the Amazon link below and enter code LEM66V88 and save $12.95.  That means you can get this device, regularly priced at $36.99, for only $24.04.  Exclusively for you reading this blog right now.




  1. No problem at all about the rant. I think it is important for my readers to hear others’ experiences so they can make and informed decision. Lemfo might have a quality control problem with this product. Let me see if I can reach my contact there to see if they can help you in any way. Send me a way for them to contact you directly at dave _at~ cvillepaddlers com. If you follow this blog then you know I believe the perfect tracker does not yet exist for all day monitoring plus gym workouts plus kayaking. So I keep searching. The next one that shows promise is the new Actofit which I hope hope to receive soon so I can review it. I admit I feel like a dork in the gym when I take one off to put another one on or while kayaking when I have one on each wrist, the Bip for GPS and the Lemfo for counting paddle strokes.


  2. Got the second replacement it counted steps while i was asleep and never noticed that i woke up 5 Times during the night, and it’s still so far out on paddle strokes it could be comedy act.
    have further looked into these problems and it seems some big names in sport watches all have problems like these,so what to do. bin it use it as a guide or what. Sorry Dave about having a rant but i purchased in after reading your blog. $30 is better than $400 and having the same problem .


  3. John, it sounds like you have a defective unit. You should return it or have it replaced. My experience with it has been much different and I have not experienced those issues. And actually, I did buy a second unit to give as a gift.


  4. Dave The Band is not accurate far from it mine went from 80 to 116 strokes in 3 seconds .The button to activate does not work half the time and this is a replacement. Your better off without save The money .If you had paid for it yourself you might feel different.


  5. I still wear it every night for sleep tracking and every time I go kayaking. I’m not saying it is the best tracker out there, I’m saying it is a good value for the price point. I like it. You must not have seen my reviews of the Amiigo or Gen 1 Actofit. Trust me, if I think it is garbage I am not afraid to say so. Plus you read this in the review, right? “If you are on a budget or are looking for a basic tracker for steps, sleep and heart rate then I think this is a good option for you.”


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