Upriver training in the Nelo 510

The weather has finally warmed up to the point where it is safe to paddle without a wet suit.

A little tired of my flat water workouts, I decided to head to the Rivanna River at Darden Towe Park and paddle upstream the last 3 or so miles of the race route for the annual Rivanna River Race (May 11 this year) and then turn around and head back.

After a long winter of flat water training it was great to get back onto some flowing water.

The gauge at Palmyra was ~2500cfs due to some heavy rain overnight so paddling upstream was challenging but provided an awesome workout.

Forget downwind and downriver paddling on surfskis, I think the future is in up-river paddling.

And the Nelo 510 surfski is an awesome boat for up-river training.



  1. Dave:

    Thanks for getting back to me. I’d be using the machine from my wheelchair, so the mechanism would be mounted vertically against the wall. I might be making this more complicated than necessary. Could I take a Nordic Track lean it against a wall (getting rid of or adapting the vertical post) and use that as a kayak ergo-meter?


  2. Wondering if you’ve adapted any plans for a wall mounted machine. I’m in a wheelchair and that would help greatly


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