Kayak ergometer

I humbly ask you to buy my plans to keep this site going.

I believe this is the most sleek and compact design available for converting a Nordic Track ski machine to a kayak ergometer.


  1. Bill, It is a matter of personal preference. I set my ergometer “paddle” up to have the holes at a 30-degree offset to match what I use on my actual paddle on water, but you can choose to drill the holes offset or not, however you wish.


  2. Hi Dave,

    I received the plans and have a question for you. I believe in the video you said to drill the holes in the ‘paddle’ so it is not feathered. Did I misunderstand, or do you use the ergometer unfeathered and on the water use (I assume) a feathered paddle?

    If so, why? To save your wrists, or some other reason?


    Bill D.


  3. Rob, I sent the instructions on 4/6/19. Please check your spam filter or spam folder. I also just resent the email. Let me know if you did *not* get it this time. We might have to try a different email address for you if you have one. Thank you!


  4. Hi Dave

    I just sent you via PayPal the money for the plans to your erg (the one with rockers for both balance and training). Can you please email me the plans. Thank you



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